About Faculty


Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of Bu-Ali Sina University, with nearly 40 years of activity, was separated from the premises of the Faculty of Basic Sciences and started its educational and research activities in a 5-storey building in 2002. In 2008 the faculty was separated from the Faculty of Humanities and Literature and officially started its activities under the title of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences which included 5 fields of study. Currently, this faculty holds a special position with faculty members and about 18 potent and experienced employees, spaces, facilities, and educational and research workshops. This faculty includes departments of Accountancy, Economics, Social Sciences, Psychology, and Political Sciences and admits students in different subfields at B.A, M.A and PhD. levels. At present, 41 full-time faculty members of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, including 2 professors, 16 associate professors and 23 assistant professors, undertake research activities besides their educational efforts in different specialized branches. This faculty includes a psychology laboratory. Currently more than 1136 students are studying in this faculty, among whom 944 students are at B.A level, nearly 181 are at M.A level and 11 are at PhD. level.